Budi Waluyo when he studied doctoral program in Lehigh University, USA

"No excuse! Break the Limits!"

-Budi Waluyo-

In September 2010, as many as 50 young people from various regions in Indonesia met in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. We gather in a large room in a hotel in the Central Jakarta area. We got acquainted, shared stories about our hometown and of course shared our dreams of going to school on our dream campus in overseas. At that time, we were attending a welcoming event from the Indonesia International Education Foundation (IIEF) team as recipients of the International Fellowship Program (IFP) scholarship. Before applying to become prospective students on international campuses, we had to undergo pre-academic training for six months as a process of preparing everything including English language skills. That's where I met Budi Waluyo for the first time.

In our cohort, Budi is the youngest. He just graduated  when applying for this scholarship. He dreamed of becoming a professional educator so he really wanted to continue his studies on campus which was able to give him knowledge and provisions to become a good educator. During the training period, we were getting closer. Besides because we almost met and studied together from Monday-Friday at the FIB UI Salemba campus, some of us lived in the same boarding house and did not forget to often walk together to get to know Jakarta. We are like family.

In addition to being young and full of enthusiasm, Budi is a type of person who is simple, has a strong commitment, loves his family so much and always shares positive thought. If many people feel embarrassed to tell about the condition of their family, Budi is the opposite. His family, especially his mother, was the main spirit in his life so he could reach the path he now took. He did not hesitate to tell about the condition of his family, his village, his lover and his shortcomings. The process of complete self-acceptance is what I think makes the figure supported by the universe to be successful. A Budi deserves the best. After completing his studies at the University of Manchester, England he was accepted as a fellow Fulbright Presidential Scholarship and is currently undergoing a doctoral study at Lehigh University, USA.

Making things impossible with this concept is Budi's trademark. No excuse! Break the limits! and everything will go according to God's plan. Budi has proven that throughout his life. He had slapped those who snarled at his dreams even for all his efforts in making his family happy with his achievements. Now, they not only have to acknowledge Budi's brilliant achievements, he can also read Budi's life journey in achieving success through his various books. Budi is not the first Budi. Now his figure is important for the people of Indonesia and the world. Read the book below if you don't believe it or visit its social media account.

Budi tells about his life journey, his dreams, his life concepts and how he made various preparations in realizing his dream. He has written several books such as "The Manchunian Way" which tells the story of his life journey until he successfully won an IFP scholarship and became an international student at the University of Manchester. Also the book "For You Scholarship Hunters" which can even be downloaded for free in PDF format. His latest book "Inspirasi Paman Sam" further strengthens his position as an intellectual, educator and good-hearted friend. An educator may not be stingy in knowledge, or be damned he! Budi also shares many positive and touching stories on his personal blog.
Book that Budi Waluyo written 

In our society, it is undeniable that many intelligent people with academic achievements are brilliant but unable to truly contribute to society. Many intelligent people enjoy intellectual adventures for themselves, to be successful and even become heroes. However, through his writings Budi tells the world, especially students, that to be able to get scholarships, schools abroad are accepted on prestigious campuses and have language skills Good English needs effort. And Budi very patiently tells the way to go to those who want to learn how these efforts are carried out. Budi gives his students a pool, a hook, bait and a fishing technique guide so they can fish their target fish correctly. In some of his writings on his blog, for example, he even told me how to write a proposal to make a good CV so that the scholarship was impressed.

Indonesia is a big and rich country. But the gap in social life is still so high. Many people can access education easily, but many more don't. For example, how can a citizen who is poor and lives on the outermost island get a scholarship to study abroad if he cannot afford an English language course? How can someone with minimal access to information about school abroad be able to really study abroad if he only gets a scholarship, he doesn't know? How can someone who doesn't have money get English learning manuals? Budi thinks about it all.

With technology, Budi bridges the difficulties faced by millions of Indonesian citizens. Not only that, it is the kindness that drives all this. He built a Sekolah TOEFL without a penny, because there were no physical buildings needed. He wants people who are unlucky with financial conditions not to always think of money to achieve dreams of learning English to be smart and able to study abroad. Money is not everything.

Schools that are led long distances and through cyberspace not only make Budi have a special place in the eyes of his students, but also the international community. In the midst of his busy life as a doctoral student who must have been filled with a multitude of assignments and research plans, he could run his school. A free institution that can be followed by anyone from Sabang to Merauke, by the poor or the rich, old or young, single or married. Discipline and following rules are the only rules in this school. If you can't, just say bye to your own opportunity and the new world of success!
The Promotion of Sekolah Toefl on Instagram

The Sekolah TOEFL was established in 2015 and now the number of students has reached tens of thousands of people. I am sure that expensive English courses with conventional management have lost competitiveness with this school. The school also has a tight schedule starting from the new student admission schedule, online meeting schedule, guidebook distribution schedule, test schedule, announcement schedule for test results and other activities. There are also online learning groups for classmates. They communicate via Whatsapp! Budi also did not hesitate to answer various student questions through his social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just like school in general. It's just that all the processes are running online, students are scattered everywhere and of course free. Technology makes dreams Budi helps others to succeed.

As an important figure in this anti-mainstream school, Budi is no longer an ordinary figure. He is known everywhere. Its followers on Instagram have reached more than 18,000 people, on Twitter reaching more than 16,000 people and on Facebook it reaches 37,000 people with 5,000 friends. Truly extraordinary! the litthe Budi  from Bengkulu, who used to be insecure and not confident, has transformed into a cool and inspirational figure. He needed a lot of people and contributed greatly to this nation. It could be that in the next 10 years many great figures and successes were born thanks to his hard work today.

Do you want to keep in touch with him? Just reach him in his social media below: 

Facebook: Budi Waluyo
Instagram: Budi Waluyo
Youtube: Budi Waluyo
Website: Budi Waluyo

Budi who used to be a simple person even tends to be inferior because of various limitations. But, with the spirit of steel, high discipline, hard work and family support he was able to pass all and become the current Budi. We and all of us who have known him do not know how much he fell, how often he cried and how hard his life trials. At present, we only know that his figure is important. Budi, is a young figure who will play an important role in the future of Indonesian and world education.

Depok, April 2016
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