FILOSOFI KOPI: Love in A Cup of Coffee

Love your coffee

BEN runs away from his father with his full ambition about coffee. His live was just for coffee. His biggest dream and ambition was became the best and popular coffee barista in Jakarta. His ambition meet Jody's dream to become a successful businessman from their coffee shop that Jody and Ben established in the central of Jakarta. Their "Filosofi Kopi" shop was popular among student and employee that love to spend their time to enjoy a cup of coffee while lunch or rainy days. Coffee not only portrays about Ben and Jody’s friendship since their childhood, but also inspires Ben to be the best Barista in Indonesia.

Someday, a business man came to "Filosopi Kopi" shop and challenge Ben to make the best coffee in Indonesia. He promises Ben one hundred million rupiah as a reward. He wants to present that coffee to a very successful business man who really loves coffee to win a business tender. Because he so excited with the challenge, Ben propose the business man to arise the reward became one hundred billion rupiah. Jody was really surprise and worried that Ben will lose and both of them will imprisoned. But, Jody also hope Ben win the gamble so he can pay his debt and redevelop their coffee shop. Their dream will come true.

Day and night Ben make some experiments in his very special room called Coffee lab. He also reads so many books about coffee and how to make the best coffee in the world. Ben locked himself in his room and only care about his coffee. Someday, Ben asks Jody and his colleague to try the baby of "Ben's Perfecto" and he was very confident to win the gamble and bring the reward. Ben's Perfecto was the new baby in their Filosofi Kopi and became popular among coffee lover in Jakarta. 

Unfortunately, a girl named El who wrote a book about coffee said that the "Ben's Perfecto" is kind of ordinary coffee. In her opinion and based on her experience while traveled around Indonesia to wrote about coffee, there was the best coffee that she ever drink in her whole life. She called it "Tiwus Coffee" and made by a couple of coffee farmer in a remote village in Java. Ben was really angry and he said that El doesn't know anything about coffee. But, Jody who didn't want to lose his coffee shop persuade Ben to met with the farmer and tried to learn how they can make such best coffee. So, Ben can defeated El and win the gamble.
Love your Coffee as your own daughter

Ben, Jody and El visited the coffee farmer and tried their own a cup of cheap coffee called "Tiwus Coffee". Before Ben tried the Tiwus coffee that served in a cheap tin cup, he became very angry. How can the very cheap coffee that made by a peasant became the best coffee and defeat his modern roasted coffee? He was very angry to El that dares to bring them to the very cheap place just to compare the poor Tiwus Coffee and his very special Ben's Perfecto. But, as Ben business partner who didn't want to end in the jail, Jody was persuade and advice Ben to learn how Pak Seno manage his coffee plantation and made the very special Tiwus Coffee.
Ben, His Father and Jody

Ben followed Pak Seno and his wife to their coffee plantation. Pak Seno said that they looked after their coffee plantation with love and care like what they did to their only daughter who died long time ago. He told to the coffee to grow in health and give the best coffee fruit. Pak Seno has been living as coffee farmer so many years and he didn't have any ambition about a cup of coffee except love. He loves the coffee like he loves his daughter. Then, their conversation remind Ben to his past when his father given up about making the best coffee because the death of Ben's mother. The died of the mother was related to Ben's father critique to the palm oil company who want to convert the poor people coffee plantation to palm oil plantation. Ben really aware that his father hate the coffee because he didn't want to sacrifice his only son like his wife.

Ben brings some sack of Tiwus Coffee to Jakarta and makes the special Tiwus Coffee. He wins the gamble. But, he felt uneasy and returned back to his father in West Lampung district and left Jody behind while they redevelop Filosofi Kopi. He came to his father and recalled the old memory. He help his father to manager their small coffee plantation and enjoy the black coffee that his father teach Ben how to make the very special a cup of coffee. Then, Ben admitted that his father was the best barista in Indonesia, since he served a cup of coffee with love. And, Ben finally understands why enjoyed a cup of coffee under the night sky and the fresh air of remote village was the best pleasure that he ever felt.

This story is about coffee lover in Folosofi Kopi movie. This is the first movie about coffee in Indonesia and produced based on story that written by popular Indonesian writer, Dewi Lestari. I wrote the story after I watched the movie in Bahasa some months ago. I made this article because I worried that I will forget English so I try to make one and you can tell me about my mistake in comment box. Thank you

KOPI LIWA is a brand of coffee that mentioned in Filosofi Kopi movie. This coffee produced by coffee farmer in Liwa as capital of West Lampung district, Lampung Province, Indonesia. The civet coffee also part of Kopi Liwa that produced in very special treatment that involve civet that known as animal that really love to eat coffee and fermented the coffee fruit in their tummy. This kind of coffee is the expensive coffee in the world.
Coffee archipelago in Indonesia

Coffee is the most popular agriculture commodity in West Lampung district and became the potential product which was support the coffee farmer income. The topography of mountainous of the district is known as the best place to planted coffee than another place in Lampung province.

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