The skyscrapers in Jakarta including Hotel Indonesia
(The photo was taken from the UOB Plaza 34floor, the north side)

Have you ever visit Jakarta? For some reasons I really don't like Jakarta, the city that very crowded, polluted, unsecured, and steal your precious time. But then, I have to stayed in Jakarta during my studied around six months. Then, I worked for the company that located in Jakarta. So, even I hate Jakarta and never have any wish to live in this city, Jakarta called me and said to me, "Keep calm and enjoyed the city!" and maybe "Just keep calm and take money as much as you can from this unwanted city!" and finally I tried to enjoyed Jakarta the city that feed me.

And for entertained myself during the bored workdays or during waited train in the end of tired day, I captured Jakarta. Someday, I found that Jakarta under blue and beautiful sky. The blue sky remind me to my village that quite far form the city that million people relied on to get better income.

Jakarta also remind me to an experience during my visit to a community in Central Lampung district. There was a village that surrounded by sugarcane plantation which owned by three big companies. During the discussion with the community leader about the collaboration program with the Forestry Department, I looked up the sky.
Jakarta (The photo was taken from the UOB Plaza 34floor, the east side)

The sky that make me cried in the heart when I saw the poor people who live with sorrow and never had any opportunity to talked with the President related to their live under the companies policies that employ them with a very cheap salary. At that time, I had a wish that I will fight for those poor citizen when I had opportunity to worked in Jakarta, near the President. 
Rainy day in Jakarta. 

Every year, especially after the Idul Fitri holiday more people from around Indonesia came to Jakarta. This city became more crowded, polluted,dirty and disgusting. The most reason was because they want to earn more money in Jakarta even as a cleaning service, nanny, laborer, and peddler. As I noticed, there were three kind of people who came to Jakarta for make living. 
Jakarta's view from the dark room.

First of all was educated young people who graduated from university and want to get good job, earn much money and became rich since the young age. Many of the are succeed. Another people was the young and poor citizen that came to Jakarta for worked in factory that located surrounded the city such as in Tangerang and Bekasi that known as industrial center in Java. Most of them are people who graduated from high school or even uneducated and don't have anything to do in their hometown. 
Jakarta from another side. 

Nowadays, the most young people in Indonesia didn't have land for farming activity since so many land owned by big companies and converted to palm oil plantation, sugarcane plantation and mining. The last was the expatriate. This kind of people came from around the world as worker for their country who had company in Indonesia or international program that funded by their government. And they called 'Bule' by Indonesian people.

Make living in Jakarta must be hard for everyone, except rich people. But, everyone who ever live in Jakarta knew that if you succeed make living in this city, the other city in your hand. So, you dare to live in Jakarta?!

Jakarta, 17 March 2015

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