The Loveliest Moment In Fayetteville

My friends and I in Georgetown Apartment, Fayetteville. Foto by: Alannah

After I returned to my country, I have many things that I have to share to my group and also my friends in Indonesia about my activity during my stay in Fayetteville. There are many stories that I have to remember. I love write some details on my personal blog similarly with when I write  something special on my diary. Because of that, I have to read my diary to remember that detail well. 

Then, I closed my eyes and went to my 'memory box' on my head. It is like search something old on your computer. I tried to remembered colors, thousands words, faces expressions, weather, food, smell of dust, orange juice, coffee, someone laughed, and many things. Today, I remembered a lovely activity that I was participated on December 2012 before the last exam at SILC.  

That time, 9 am on Saturday, Desember 16, I remembered that Alannah come to my apartment and asked me to called all Ford Fellows. 

"Ika, call the others," she said to me. Her face looked like really tired. 
"Hm, I am so sorry Alannah, I want to ask you something. I think Rose can't come to farewell party. She said she is really busy to learned some handbooks for tomorrow exam," Suddenly, her face changed. I knew that she really angry and disappointed. 
"No, no, no. It is the last activity. Everybody must come. It is your program. Call the others," Ya, I think she said like that, I can't remember the details what she said at that time. 

Then I went to Rendan room and talked with Rose. "Rose, come, please! Alannah angry. Just bring your handbook, you can study in the car. Come on Rose, it is the last activity for us." I tried to persuaded Rose. Her face looked like upset. 
"No. I have to study for exam," she said to me. 
I think Rose take a few time to think something and then she putted on her jacket and said to me, "Oke Ika, I will go." She didn't smile, just followed me down the stairs that leads the door and joined our friends who waited for us in the yard. 

That morning was really beautiful with warmly sunshine. I have seen Rendan, Duong and Maria wear their traditional outfit. 

We are come to Dr. Lanier house. When we came, she still busy at her kitchen cooked something for us. Oh, then I ate my second breakfast. She had prepared us some cookies, coffee, orange juice, fruits and something that I can’t remember –something that made from egg- but it is delicious.Then we ate together and talked about many thing. I really surprised when I saw two of Holy Qur'an in their bookcase. Then I knew that they are collected holy books from all religion for learn something. Their home is really amazing.

You can't find me on the video? here my words... 
“My name is Wijatnika. I am from Indonesia. Before I describe my painting, I really want to say thank you for Alannah and Casey who guide us and make us happy, especially on the weekend. Then, thank you for Budhi, my painting teacher whom I really respect, and also for my classmates at painting class for shared stories and dreams about our own countries. The last, thank you for Dr. Lanier for your wonderful home, it is really amazing!” I said with a steady and I Think my face became warm than before. 

I took my painting in to reverse condition. I just showed it to them when I explained the meaning of the painting. 
“Wow! It is colorful!” several people shouted when I flipped my painting .
“From all painting that I have painted, I have painted about forest as my beloved thing in my country. In the last class I have painted Indonesia as real heaven in the world. But, to make it real and to solve many terrible problems, we need hero. This painting tells you about my hero.” I really like when their eyes just focused to my painting, to me.  

“This is ocean habitats in Lampung bay, Lampung province,” I said. 
“The woman who stayed on a small boat with some plants is my hero. Her name is Yuliyanti. She is a community organizer who helps people in Pahawang Island to protect their mangrove forest. She was worked on there more than 12 years. I knew her since 2007 when I had to went to the island for my job as trainer. After many years, she has received some awards from our provincial government to honor her work hard. I really amazed by her commitment.” I think I felt upset because my English is not really well. But the I continued my description.  

“In my opinion, to be a hero is just like her. We have big and many problems and because of that we needs many heroes to solve these problems. But, we don’t need to be a rich people and give all our money to help people. No. I think to be hero is doing small thing that we can do, do something according to our ability. Like her. Thank you.” Finally done. They applaud. 

I remembered, that day, I tried to showed that I feel happy to everyone even I know my face was looked like bushed and sad. But, the truth is my heart was tried to hide something that I really upset about it. If they have seen my eyes they knew that I really upset about something. I think some of them knew it. They knew from the beginning.

Before we returned home, Dr. Vicky asked me that she really like my painting and also my description about hero. I knew that's an opportunity for me to keep on my artwork at her home. So I said to her that I really happy if she received my painting. She said thank you to me and she promised to me that she will find a good frame for my painting and will hang it on her wall. Then, when all of us returned home, I have the others paintings to Cesar, Rizia and Oniel, because they said they are like my paintings. Hm, then now I really want to find a painting teacher and start to be a real artist. 

Many lovely things that happened during my stay in Fayetteville. But, this moment is really special because I have done something for my hero, for my beloved country. I have brought her to America, her true story, my hero.  Thet day, in the evening, when I went to Rendan's room and met with Rose, she said "Thank you, Ika,". She felt happy because at that moment she can shared her dream for her country, Brazil. I just smile and returned to my room. Hm,  

According to this story, how about my English? Still bad?
- actually I don't like use English to write something on my personal blog, but this is my another way to learn English-

Depok, 23 January 2013

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