- Ini edisi kesekian ngubrak-abrik tulisan sendiri buat belajar Bahasa Inggris yang hampir menguap dari kepala. I am not good enough in English. Harap maklum hehehe...-

I love my father more than anyone. He is my king, my protector, my first love and my home. Do you know my father? Ok, I will tell you about him, the best father in the world. A man that I really miss every day, especially when I take vacation like now.  My father also the most handsome guy in the world. Most of my friends feel jealous and broken heart because there is none of them became my boyfriend. I never need any man since my father beside me.

This morning I woke up with such beautiful sunshine. "Oh, I miss Papa so much!!" I opened the window and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the ocean. Blue sky and clean ocean in Thousands Island was really a tiny heaven. I closed my eyes and remember my father handsome face. I heard the blow of wind and the bird song.  I hoped when I open my eyes, I can see my father stand in front of me, smile at me and hug me. But, I dream too much. In fact, my father enjoy his free time at home with his book and maybe he just tried to find someone to marry me. Okay, I will return home and hug my lovely father. 

And now, before I return home and meet my father, I sat in the sofa in this hotel and tell you the story of my father. First, I will turn on my camcorder,  place it on the table and I sat in front of the camera with my beautiful smile and expose my beautiful long hair. Hm, from which part I shall tell you the story? Okay, hm I think I will tell you the most important think about my father that the world must know, right? 

Okay, click...
My name is Diana (smile). My mother told me that my name was a princess name in a country in Europe. When I was born to this world, my father saw me as the most beautiful baby girl that he ever see in his whole life. He gave me name Diana. My father introduced me to the whole family and the world with his pride that he really happy to have me as her daughter. My mother told me that everyone in our whole family said that I am really a beautiful daughter, like a princess. She asked me to thank to God for my blessing and happiness. And the most important thing is I make my father happy (drink a glass of water, tie the hair, smile to the camera as well as smile to Papa)

My mother told me that since I was born he love to stayed at home and spend his time with me. My father just like feel something different in me and its make him happy. Its enough. He spent his time just for paling with me, sing a song for me, watching me play my own game and write something about me in his journal, everyday. My mother told me that my father will protect me until his last breath. Oh, my father is my hero (looking at father picture in the wallet).

Hm, what next?
My mother passed away because she was very sick. My father told my mother that she didn't have to worry about me, because he will raise me well and protect me with his life (wipe my tears). My father warned me that I shouldn't cry because when someone died she will return to the heaven, the best place that full of happiness. When the time comes, father and I will stayed together as happy family like before. When we entomb my mother, my father spread so many beautiful flower. He wish for their next meeting as lover and live happily forever (smiling while wiping tears). 

Since now and then, my father is the one in my life. He Prepare my breakfast, my uniform, my bag, and help me to clean my own room. Before I sleep he reading a story for me and he wish me meet Princess Diana in my dream and when I continue my study to Europe. "Papa, how if I cannot fulfill your dream to meet her since she is an almighty Princess of Wales? she cannot easy to touch, right?" my father just told me that I can meet her in the heaven and admire of our own beauty. The she died for real...

And what next? hm... (looked at camera)
My father work hard for me. He also like to save his money and teach me how to saving money. My father and I has our own funny piggy bank. We stored our collection in special cabinet and stated as most precious bank in our home. When I opened my first account, we break all our piggy bank. We counted our lifetime saving together and we bought pizza all night.

When I at high school my father told me that I have to share everything with him and talk to him as friend who can share any secret. My happiness and sorrow. My dream and idea. He worried that someone may hurt me and make me cry. This beautiful daughter is his most precious than his own live. He promise me to protect me and make me happy. The happiest girl in the world.  Everyday, my father drive to school and give me kiss in my forehead. He also very kind to my friends when we spent happy times as teenager.

"You father is the best and very special," said my friends. They are jealous, indeed. Sometime when my father at home and my friends feel hungry, they propose my father to cook something and heard his story about our family, his first meeting with my mother, their wedding and my story when I was a baby.  Other time, some of them just having chat with my father and share their story about their father and then laughed together. My father love them as she love me. He also happy since I love to spent my time at home with my friends than hang out to somewhere that he couldn't see me.

I will imitate my father voice when he hug me not long ago "God love me so much and then He blessed me with this beautiful daughter. I hope you will be an angel in heaven. Oh Papa, I miss you so much!"

Now I have turn of because I have to take shower


Okay, I am ready to tell you the next story (looked at watch in the right hand)
I remember that when for the first time I had a boyfriend. My father face suddenly looked pale. "The times come..." he said that and left me alone. Then I chased after him, hug him and told him to allowed me fallen in love. I said that when i got married our home will be noisy and busy with some kids and I know my father love that. My father will have a son and grandchildren. Then he hug me tight and said that he will happy and promises that will allowed me to fallen in love with someone good for me. 

Then, when I came to him with my broken heart he hug me and consoled me. He said that broke up just usual thing between lovers and I shouldn't worried. After swept my tear with his arm, he gave me a red rose that he picked from our garden. He want my smile came back with my happy life. I know that my father love me so much and take my broken heart as his. 

Several months later I had new lover and some years after that we got engaged. My father just smile as his real reeling for my happiness. In the engagement party my father told our guest what happened when my mother introduced him to her family. And he warmly greet Aldrin's family just like his wife family when welcomed him with warm heart many years ago. I can see that my father really happy. 

Oh God! I forget my breakfast. Ok, wait for me..


Hm, my tummy became big and I am full. My cheek quite fresh, right? Okay, this is the engagement ring (show the ring to the camera with face full of smile) and next month I will marry Aldrin. Oh my God, I am so happy. I can;t really imagined how my father will crying in my wedding. I am also sad if I leave my father alone at home when Aldrin and I move to another city. Hm, I will discuss about it later with Aldrin and now I have do something about my wedding preparation.

Today is my last day in this island for vacation. Then I will come home, hug my father and eat anything he cook for me. Aldrin? he will pick me up in the port with father. I choose this handsome guy because he love my father as I am and i believed that he will treat my father as his own father. 

Today I get married. My father face seem happy, and sometime mix with his sorrow. This moment is the sacred one in my life. For many time I wipe my tears when my father entrust my to Aldrin for the rest my my life.  I just want to hug my father and cry in his shoulder. But, I have to learn my new life and role as Aldrin's wife. When the ceremony to bow down to parents start I crying like a baby who lost her balloons to the sky. 

A week after that, Aldrin and I went to Maluku and Papua for honeymoon. We have a plan to have a baby and make my father happiness came back. 


I deliver twin baby girls. Aldrin and father give then name Raihana and Raihani. My father so happy. He just care about the babies. I am jealous.

"They are my angels that falling from the blue sky. So beautiful! Oh my little angels, so beautiful la la la ding dong ding dong la la la..." my father sing a weird song. He seem happy and starting to forget me. 
"Papa, I want to carrying them. I am their mom, Papa. They are hungry," i whimper to my father who don't pay any attention to me. Oh oh oh!
"Just five minutes! promise me? You have to feed them then let them play with grandpa ciluk ba! ciluk ba!" my father tempted my babies who suddenly laugh together. I laugh with them indeed.
"Papa, let's sleep. They also need some sleep Papa. Ouch you are so smelly. Just take a bath Papa," and after take a bath and have lunch together, mu father embrace my twins in his arms. So lovely.

When my twins baby girls at six months, my father decided to rent our old house and move to my house. He brought his belonging. Aldrin and I welcome him and make him plays all days with the babies. But, even we prepared him a big room, he always spent his time with the babies. I think that my father will forget me. Aldrin and I jut watching him all the time and let him play his role as happy grandpa.


My father fall asleep near my twins. He love and favored them so much. Maybe they just having similar dream and play somewhere. My twins grasped my father fingers. They are smiles together. 

Oh Papa...

Depok, September 2015

Wijatnikaika Official

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