The Most Handsome Baby in the World

Fawaz first week of his life in the world. Fawaz, my niece, is looking so handsome one. 

"When you get married? See your sister, she has a handsome son now," My father said to me when I talked to him on the phone. Yeah, that's the problem of an oldest daughter like me. A girl, ups! a woman who still want to take more time to be independent one, hehehe...

Yup, I got some pictures about my first niece from my sister not long ago after she delivered her first son. He is a very handsome baby that I ever see in this world. So cute and so little. At that time, I really want to hug and kiss him, but I really busy with my work and my study so I can't came home. 

Oh God! He is so handsome.
Fawaz is growing up as a handsome cute little guy and make me more miss him. I want to touch his skin and kiss his chubby cheek, his nose, his eyes and his lip haha. My father and mother was very happy since Fawaz is their first grandson, even from their younger daughter. I said that they don't have to worry about me and when I will get married and give birth another granddaughter or grandson for them. I will, of course....

"Father, just be patient. Please waiting for my time. I have to many things to do now and I am busy to reach my goal in life. I will bring him to our home in the right time..."  and my father believe me. So, I said 'Amiiin ya Allah". But I really know what the meaning of his agreement of my choice. He want to make me happy with my own life...

Fawaz in my father embrace. He is look like so sleepy.
I know, as an old man my father don't want anything from me except a son in-law, but I have many things to do before realize his dream. And Fawaz will be his first attention since he is the first prince that make him happy all the time. Now, I just wanna hug my father and said that in the future I will give birth to the most handsome baby in the world and make him the happiest grandfather in the world, hehehe...

For me, Fawaz is an angel by from heaven. He is so precious. 

Ah, catatan sore yang melow..

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