In our lives, there are so many things that unclear. Everywhere, we can see it, smell it and hear it. Years ago, after I involved to an environmental NGO in Bandar Lampung city, I recognized some unclear things. According to some things that I learned, I knew that our worst live was produced by some bad government policies. It's make me felt so stupid. How can I don't know about it? How long I believe that the government is good? Oh, I am really a stupid one. So, When I knew about those unclear policies and political decicion, I decided to involved to social movement, joined with some people who felt similar with mine. And now, I decide to painting some unclear idea in this country....


Theme: Unclear
My focus is about resource. If we learn about some policies about resource management in this whole country, we will find so many unclear policies. But, from those we know that just two power that manage and enjoyed this country's resource. Government and company. So, which one that people belonging? Which one that people land? No. There is no for people. Due to this unclear management, our people live always and always unclear. People don't have anything. People are not government's slaves. People is themselves. People have to rebel or lost their live. Because live is not only about how to survive, but also how to manage, share and to take care of prosperity. 
Depok, 25 Juni 2013


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