Painting: Land and the Bloody Forest

I am happy. Very happy. I finished my second painting project, at early morning before I slept. Today at 2.30 am, hihihi. Hm, not such a big project. It's just learned how to painting some ideas in my mind. And, to enjoy the happiness way. I have so many ideas in my mind. I can see some picture but it's not enough easy to realize on the paper. Yup, I not used canvas yet for this painting project, because I am still learning. So, when I feel ready to painting something great and I pass the technique, I will use canvas. Oh don't forget to find art teacher, hehehe. Don't worry, I will show you my painting time to time. To know my process. 

1. Foundation: Land

2. Bloody Forest: crowded

3. Green Sprout: it's hope and work hard

4. Yellow Sprout: it's friendship and trust

 Final: It's our reality. Bloody conflict because land and resource.

Theme: Land and the Bloody Forest.
The meaning of this painting is reflection of today society. Conflict is everywhere. It's more like a ghost. The scariest ghost in the world. Some peasants died because they keep struggle for their land, their live and their hopes. Land is soul. Yeah, when you have some time and look around to this beautiful country, you will find blood and fire everywhere. The ocean. The rivers. The forests. The crop. And, in millions eyes. Poor eyes. Poor of the poorest eyes. The red eyes. Do you know why? because they have been crying since born from their mother belly. Oh, it's so long? Ya. It's too long sadness. If you want to know the reasons, millions reasons, ask your government. They know how to take responsibility.

Depok, 17 Juni 2013. 


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