Indonesia Setengah Tiang

Today, I finished two painting. I can't believe it. I think that I am too much, hahahaha. Because of that, I forgot to finished my research proposal, revise my Thesis Proposal, writing a novel draft for a contest and cut my fingernail. Actually, today I got flu and fever. And, the weather is so hot. Ugh! I tried to eat well, but it's still annoyed me a lot. So, I focused to painting some ideas. Fortunately, I finished two of them, and I will finish the other.


Theme: Indonesia Setengah Tiang
It means sadness, sorrow. National sadness, national sorrow. Especially for poor people. For people that have nothing. Nowadays is hundreds time that the government produce unpopular policy. They raise oil and gases prices. Oh, it's really too much. They said it's for people, with subsidy mechanism. I don't believe it. They called it BLSM. Rp. 150.000 (USD$ 14,...). Is it subsidy? for what? It is really not enough. Not enough. So, it is politic. It's sarcastic. And, the constitution never says that people are policies object. But, government must produce good policies for welfare, for people, for the nation. Not for the politician and conglomerate. So, today, the whole this nation is trapped.

Depok, 25 Juni 2013


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