Painting : The Empty Village

Someday, when I was at elementary school,  at 1994, at 4th grade, I got higher grade from my art teacher for my drawing. Then, She hang on my painting on the classroom wall. I got thousands applaud. Prok prok prok. I am so happy. Even though, I never get the higher position for math, but my drawing save me. I don't care if I don't passed math. I think master in art is better than master in math. I don't want lost my hair like many scientists because they think harder than other just for math. For me, math is a monster and it's became more scary monster with boring teacher. In my school, student who didn't passed math are stupid. Maybe I am a stupid student, hahahaha. Teachers and parents never happy if their children mastered in art or some sport classes than math. Math is everything. Math is the number one. I hate it.

But, there is a clever student who really don't like me. She felt lost because my drawing. Oh, it is because she is the number one. The only one. The most clever student in our school. She never allowed another student got her position. The fact is, She is my neighborhood. In High School, I love Sociology, Geography, Anthropology, and Economy. So, I just got average grade for my art class. Now, I think it's better for me if I start to gain happiness by painting something, some ideas like environment and social movement. Just to improve my hobby like writing. I might build a gallery in the future. Now, when I writing this, i drawing my future gallery in my mind. I wish I realize it. 

Yesterday, I bought some stuff for start my painting. I have to try form the basic, because I don't have art teacher. I have to improve my ability and increase my sensitive imagination. I don't know where I have to learn painting. Some of the best artist in this country are older people and I don't know them well. So, for now, I have to learn by myself. Next time, I will find art teacher to tell me how to painting...
 No. 1. Foundation color. I use black and green.

 No 2. Final painting. The Empty Village


Theme : The Empty Village
The villagers leaves their own home and land and their crop. They believe that because the mysterious red tree that make some of them got uncured diseases and die. Someday, some of them found that all leaves and flower are going to black. They felt so scared. "It must be some evil work! that fuck mining company! All of our crop and flower, and our forest contains poison. Everything will be worst. Oh, it must be the evil that staying at the red tree...." Asked people to the village leader. In our real life, there are some community that leaves their own land because some environment disaster such as Lapindo at Sidoarjo, East Java Province and Buyat Pante bay at Sulawesi. These cases are national cases and not resolve yet... 

Depok, 13 Juni 2013


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