Gadis Kembang Desa (1)


Have you ever heard about her story? She is, hm, I think she is the most beautiful girl in my village. I was a very little girl when I tried to understand about her story, her live. I know that she has long black hair. It's most likely the best black silk that I ever seen in my live. I love her smile. I try to remember what kind of her smile. Hm, I think my mind have her smile. Her smile is sweet like honey, or, it's like chocolate candy that I really like when I was little. And, She has warm heart like sunrise in the morning that I really like...

There is an old picture about her. I keep it. She smiled with some our far family, not family at all, just like family. It's the only one. There is no more picture about her. It's strange for me. Actually, I really want to know about her and tell you a great or maybe sad story...

I will continue to tell you about her story....

Depok, 25 Mei 2013
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