Play With Dreams

This morning, first day on February, I just reminded about my old dreams: I want to visit all provinces in Indonesia and some countries. Now, I will try to make these come true. Oh ya, because I have some new friends from some countries, so I add their countries to my list. For funny, just think like Nobita-san who has Doraemon. He has a 'Magic Bag' on his body and made everything comes true, hehehehehehe...

Here are some countries that I really want to visit:

Asia: Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Thailand, India, Russia, Turkey, China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan. 

Europe: Germany, French, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Spanish, Italy and the UK.

Africa: Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Madagascar.

America: Brazil, Mexico.

Australia : Sydney.

Then, I add some countries that I might visit in the future. The reason is because I want to visit some new friends. These countries are: Burma, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Guatemala, Peru, Argentina, Honduras, Bolivia, Tibet, and Taiwan. Actually I don't know how to make it real, hahahahaha. I don't have a lot of money. So, I must work hard to earn money, keep spirit!!!

Another dreams are: establish community businesses with my friends and neighborhood, build some Community Libraries with some young friends, establish my own business and the most important is to be a writer.

Who will help me to make those real? 
Let's play with dreams.....

Depok, February 1, 2013
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