The Sound of Angklung in Europe

Angklung is one of several musical instruments which made from bamboo tree. It is original of Sundanese musical instrument which were established by Sundanese people at West Java province, Java Island, Indonesia.  Today, I want to share a story about ‘Expand the Sound of Angklung’. On the internet we can find the story about an Indonesian group who have had promoted Angklung and some Indonesian traditional music and dance in six countries in Europe at 2004. The story is ’40 Days in Europe’. Come on, search on Google…

There are some information about Angklung. 

Actually, in 2004 I was studied at Lampung University in Lampung Province, Sumatera Island and I don't know about this story. I was busy with my study and some campus activities. Now, 8 years since the story were begun I really want to share this story to all of people in the world, especially about spirit of love. Love our wonderful country. In General, this story is about 35 people (students of SMA -Senior High School- 3 Bandung, West Java) and their art teachers who have had promoted The Sound of Angklung in six countries in Europe. And also, they have had shared about Indonesian traditional dance from several ethnics such as Java, Bali, Minahasa, Minangkabau, Melayu, Sundanese, etc. 

The saddest things about their journey are about not enough money and lack of Government support -They almost become homeless people in Europe because helpless, even they were acquired some best awards-. If I were one of them, I should be really sad. 40 days in Europe!!! -Europe is expensive place in the world-. After their promotion were finished, the leader of this journey sank in to debt and don't know how to paid the bills. It is really unbelievable and unimaginable, and there is no fund from government. We have a lot of money from taxes and many things, but there is still no budget for this great job? Oh My God! Our corrupt government were really made us felt ashamed. Let's watch their summaries on You tube -I was cried when watched these video for the first time-:

Furthermore, we can read their stories in a book which was written by Maulana M. Syuhada. This book tells everything about 40 Days in Europe and what their strategies to survived in Europe. I really proud of them. First, their spirit to promoted Angklung -that were claimed by Malaysian- is really amazing. Angklung is one of thousands Indonesian musical instrument which have to protect from another country claimed and also before it disappear from our memory. Second, even lack of Government support they were survived and made Indonesian people proud of them, I really thank to them. Nuhun pisan. Third, their performance were amazing! Thank you very much for promoted our wonderful culture to the world!


Depok, 7 Januari 2013


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