Something about IMPOSSIBLE LOVE

Who know LOVE?
Today, a friend came to me and she talked to me about her love story. Her eyes are swollen with suppressed tears. I know what kind of that feeling, it is really really really not easy. 

"We love each other, but there is a secret line that will not allow us to be together as lover, a happy couple who really love each other and really want to spend the rest of our life together," she said. Ya, I know this feeling, such as patching the wounds of the nails that we remove from the board, to be incurable. 

"I know that I have to....I have to leave him and find another guy who love me. is hard. Falling in love is not easy like chose a beautiful clothes at the market. Love know that well.... love is arghhhhhh I don't know how to describe it," even she cried in front of me, I can't help her. 

Actually we have similar story. Love is, I don't understand...

It will be shadow
It follow me into my dream
It leave me with heavy tears
It embrace me, someday.... 
 with wonderful happiness

Sometime I think that love is destiny. I found some cases about love, my friends cases, and learn from them how to received love which was come to their life. In many cases, love is not for someone that we really love for the first time. Love is like God's hand that placed them to the right place and met with the right people even though they are think something like that is impossible. But that's true. Most of them got married and got happy life. 

the essence of love is
unspeakable secrets

Then I remember my own story, like I see my own face on the mirror. For seven years I really love a good man, but finally he got married with another woman. It is really hurt me. Then, when I have met someone that I start to like, just like him, no more. But then, I know that I love him. But it is impossible, it is unattainable love. There is a fire river that separate us. So, while I try to leave him and all love that I have for him, I move on. I know that everything is not easy, but I try to leave him to God. I keep praying for him 5 times a day. I keep him in a place in my heart, placed him with another secrets of my life. I will never allow myself going to crazy because of this impossible love. For me love must make me happy and cheerful, not full of tears. It is love story between a man and a woman. We will see another love stories.....

Those words will be destroy,
When it come to love.

Depok, January 28, 2013 

-try not to cry for love that is not possible-


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