Krakatoa: Died and Reborn

When Krakatoa -legend of Sunda Strait- mountain erupted at August 1883, I was a soul that stayed at the Heaven. I just have some information about this giant disaster based on some stories from my family, some friend's families and some documents. Someone told me that most of people who lives at Kalianda, Teluk Betung and Anyer was died because of Tsunami and poisonous gases from Krakatoa. Teluk Betung harbor were destroyed by tsunami. When a group of people who arrived from Mecca, Saudi Arabia for Hajj, they can't found their family members. Everything were destroyed. Forests, houses, paddy fields, and more than 165 villages and coastal cities were destroyed and kill more than 36.000 people. It was so saddest moment in our history. 

In the past, scientists just knew that Krakatoa exploded two times, at 1680 and at 1883. But, the book titled 'Pustaka Raja Purwa' which was published at 1869 gave information that Krakatoa exploded at 416 named mount Kapi. This explosion were created Sunda Strait that separated Sumatra and Java Islands

This morning, I found a movie about Krakatoa eruption on You Tube. The movie is based on true stories which were collected and compiled by a Geolog named Rogier Diederik Marius Verbeek from the Netherlands. He was gathered the story from people who lives after the disaster, from Willem Beinjerinck and his wife, Johanna who stayed at that place for business under the Netherlands Government, and also from his own story. He was stayed for 2 years at Java for his research about earthquake around Krakatoa when Krakatoa erupted. In the end of this movie, he said that he felt ashamed because as a scientist he didn't believe what people believe about the nature signs before disaster destroyed everything and change the world history forever. This movie used English and Bahasa Indonesia as subtittle. Enjoy the movie..

I know this movie is not complete story about the disaster. But, it is great. Nevertheless, there are some oddities. First, Hindia Belanda -old Indonesia- were colonized by the Netherlands. Because of that, this movie must be used Dutch, not English. My grandmother told me that many Indonesian people like her understood a little bit Dutch because they were lives with Dutch officers and have had some conversation. So, it is irrational if the conversation between dutch officer with Indonesian people at that time used English. Second, Bahasa Indonesia as national language were established after Kongres Pemuda at 1928, so far from 1883 (45 years). But, in this movie I heard some conversation used bahasa Indonesia. If this movie were taken place in Kalimbang, South Sumatra and the west side of Java, the language that used by people must be Javanese or Sundanese or  Malay

Krakatoa exploded, destroyed everything and kill himself, sank into ocean floor. But, at 1927 his son -soul of Krakatoa- named mount Anak Krakatau were birth from the sea with big explosion, growing up 5 meters a year, and became a bigger and stronger volcano in Sunda Strait. The dragon at the sea have been erupting like a man who enjoy smoking since then. It will be explode again and create super disaster in the future, but no one know when. At 2010, he erupted but it is not dangerous. Now, Anak Krakatau is famous tourist destination in Lampung and Banten province, and also for scientist. He keep watching for us, repeat the old Krakatoa. We just wait and see... 

Depok, 11 Januari 2013

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