When I was a little girl I usually stayed at the yard at 6.30 am, looked at the East to see the sun shine. Some times, I looked at the sky in above of my head and asked a question, "Where is the place for God in the sky? Is there any beautiful kingdom and wonderful throne for God?" There is no people answer my question because they don't know anything. Then I have another question, "How can people have different religion if they are believe that God is only one?" and for this I have heard so many answer and responses. Then, when I have met with many people from many places, different cultures and religion and believe, and then from another country, I found something new. There are many people who believe in God but not believe in religion and people who never believe in God and religion. 

I am a Muslim. The basic reason of my religion identity is because I was born from Muslim family. Sometimes, I think that how if I born from Non-Muslim family or if I born as a daughter of Indian tribe leader in Amazon or North America? Will I knew Islam and became a Muslim? So, I have been thinking this matter for whole of my life. This is a big secret of destiny, I know it well. But, I still learning to understand. 

For 13 years I have learned Islam from my father and some teacher in Islamic Informal School. They were teach me about Islam with traditional ways, because of that I have so many questions about religion and life. At 2003, when I attended to study in a University at the capital of my province in Lampung, I started to studied my religion from the beginning, like new born baby start to learn their new world. And also I tried to studied another religion like Christian and Jewish. For me, learned Christian and Jewish are not dangerous because they were exist in long story before Islamic Spread Period. For example, we can see that many Muslim, Christian and Jewish believers come to Jerusalem. They believes that Jerusalem is the right place for King David and Solomon temple in Jewish perspective, it is Jesus hometown for Christian people, and it is a place for third holy Mosque for Muslim -after the Great Mosque in Mecca and Nabawi Mosque in Madinah-. If people study those religion they will understand the basic reason that in the past people from different religion can live together at Jerusalem with peace and harmony. 

In the past, Prophet Muhammad called Jewish and Christian are 'ahlul kitab/ People of the Scripture' or community who received commandment from God by their own prophet, Moses and Jesus. Because of that Prophet Muhammad protected them even though many oh them didn't returned to Islam to complete their believe. Holy Qur'an said that Moses (the prophet who received Zabur/ ten commandment) are for Israel community who chased away from their hometown in old Egypt by the arrogant king, and Jesus is special prophet who was born from virgin Mary for Israel community who lives in Jerusalem. Hundreds years after that, Prophet Muhammad was born from Quraisy community in Saudi Arabia (the lineage of Muhammad is come from prophet Ismail son of Abraham  -from his second wife named Hajar-, then Jesus lineage is come from prophet Ishaq son of Abraham -from his first wife named Sarah-). He received the commandment from God for 22 years 22 month and we called the complete commandment as Holy Qur'an (it is contains of 6.666 verses). Muhammad is prophet for all people, not for Arabic community and Holy Qur'an is for all people in the world, not only for Muslim people. You will understand if you take some time to learn Zabur/Mazmur/ psalm, Bible, and Holy Qur'an. 

Holy Qur'an calls people in two ways:
First, God calls us as 'ya ayyuhalladzina amanu' or 'O you who have believed,'....
Second, God calls us as 'ya ayyuhan naas' or 'O People'... 
And both of ways have different kinds of messages from God. It is amazing, huh? If you don't believe me, just learn Holy Qur'an in your own language. 

If we learn those holy book, we will find some similar story and name of prophet. For example, Jewish people believe king David and Solomon, and also Christians. In Islam they are known as King and Prophet Daud and King and Prophet Sulaiman -he is son of Daud-. Both of them are the riches Kings and Prophets from all prophet who have ever God send to people in the world. In Christian history, Jesus is son of God and he was born from virgin Mary -in sheep cage in the winter season- who has a lover named Yusuf. In Islam, Jesus -we called him prophet Isa- is just prophet like another prophet and he was born from Maryam -virgin Mary- under the palm tree. Holy Qur'an says that Maryam is holy girl who never touched a man because she lives as God servant in the temple since she was a little girl. So, learned those religion history is very challenging for me and I think it is important to comprehend my religion and to understand the world. 

Another thing that you can learn about those religion is about the law for clothing. Because those law are come from the same God, the signs are similar. Adult women who believes in Jewish, Christian and Muslim will cover their body. It is the way for one of hundreds ways to be devout to God in their own believes. As a Muslim, I have been covering my body for 12 years. I have chosen this way to protecting my own self-esteem and purity. And also to shows to public, "Don't disturb me, don't seduce me. I am a good girl."

Then, many of people have same question about religion. "If God is real and Powerful, how can He didn't make people live together in same ways, same religion, some culture and some language? What God want?" If you open Holy Qur'an, you will find the answer. 
"And We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming that which preceded it of the Scripture and as a criterion over it. So judge between them by what Allah has revealed and do not follow their inclinations away from what has come to you of the truth. To each of you We prescribed a law and a method. Had Allah willed, He would have made you one nation [united in religion], but [He intended] to test you in what He has given you; so race to [all that is] good. To Allah is your return all together, and He will [then] inform you concerning that over which you used to differ." (QS. Al-Maeda/ 5: 48)
As Indonesian, I need to learn my own religion (Islam) and 4 another official/national religions: Christian, Chatolic, Hindu, Buddha and Kong Hu Chu. And also, learn some local believe such as Kaharingan (local religion for Dayak tribe in Kalimantan Island), Kejawen (local religion for Javanese people in Java Island), Sunda wiwitan (local religion for Sundanese people in Java island) and another. You don't need fell afraid to study religions, learn about religions is not dangerous thing like you fall in to fire. You will gain amazing knowledge and to produce your own conclusion about the meaning of life.

How about my English? Is it still lack in many aspects?

Depok, January 27, 2013
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