Cerita Tentang Jakarta # 10

Pagi ini aku kembali ke kelas 305 untuk writing section. Ketemu lagi dengan Bu Marti dan kawan-kawan lama. Ini dia hasil belajarku dalam membuat Comparison-Contrast paragraph:

Community Development in Lampung Province Before and After Reform
There are several differences about Community Development before and after reform in Lampung Province. The differences are divided into three categories: participant, coverage and goal. First, before reform partisipant for community development have steady system that we can called “Top down” because all system like planning, organizing, actuating and controlling have done by central government in sentralization system. Likewise, there are not much involved stakeholders such as local community, local government, academics, NGOs and pers. Second, community development just have covering some issue from central government program and tend to ignore communities needs. For example, central government ignore indigenous territories, general issues from communities needs and disadvantages area. Third, community development just covering central government goals and have made communities more retarted. Even though, after reform in 1998 we can see more changes for community development. We can see many progress for community development in the same way issues before reform. For one thing, we can see perversion system from “Top Down” to “Bottom up” and from “centralization authority” to “Regional Autonomy”. These radical changes make refresh for community development way. For instance, in the day, community development have been fully stakeholders involved like local communities, local government, local and national and international NGOs, academics and pers. In addition, community development have been able to cover overall issues from overall places in Lampung province, specially for indigenous issues. Finally, community development have the same goal for all stakeholders which community development was done, specially for local communities and local government and central government. In short, community development progress before and after reform can be reference for community development today.

So, kini manunggu koreksi dari bu Marti. 

Jakarta, 14 januari 2013


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